Micro-Algae Cultivation Research Station Two was birthed from Station #1 .  A couple gallons of green water was harvested in a plastic bucket.  This was taken indoors and kept in a low light environment until the green crashed out of suspension.  I think added table sugar to see if the algae could be reactivated and grown in a light free environmnet: Success!  This is useful as indoor or closed container cultivation can be utilized rather than open vats exposed to the sun in malaria prone areas.  No risk of mosquito larvae if you are using an industrial fermenter.  A hybrid system (Algae/Yeast Concurrent Cultivation Research Station #1) was similarly created but it was spiked with one of my potato feed yeast cultures and fed more sugar.  We have algae in this tank again as well.  Time will tell if the yeast and algae can co-exist or if they require separate cultivation tanks. Keithjd21 (talk) 00:24, July 12, 2013 (UTC)