The chief activity of colonists in all stages of the LUF vision will be horticulture.  If you want to live like an ocean or space colonist today, start a garden!  Plants will form the basis of the economy providing food and raw materials to used as feedstock in various critical industrial processes.  Very few people in the world make their living as farmers today and the skillset has become lost to the vast majority of the consumers we hope to uplift to a post-industrial lifestyle.  Part of creating a complete and stable ecosystem off-planet will be raising animals to complement biodiversity.  The earliest critical animals to raise will likely be the fish in aquaponics systems.  Fish will likely play an important role in the economy of the Aquarius stage as well.

Member Keith J. Dauzat will be documenting his efforts to acquire this critical literacy along with his efforts to master Horticultural Literacy at I can haz growzing stuffs.