• Keithjd21

    Among the more amusing things I intend to attempt is to find a way to safely incorporate humanure into an integrated system that does not run afoul of city ordanices.  The first attempt is going to involve construction of a solar over (loving known as the fusion powered death ray) to boil my feces inside of a gallon jar with some water added to ensure even distribution of heat.  This should ensure sterility of any pathogenic organisms.

    I am also hoping a roiling boil can be achieved that will break up the solids into a substance that is closer to boiled diarrhea than boiled turds.  This will greatly increase the surface area available for bacterialogical colonization.  The sterilized solution will be added to newsprint and left to compost. …

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  • Chadlupkes

    The Rest is History

    April 26, 2013 by Chadlupkes

    LUFoundation is established as an educational organization to spread the word about the 8 point vision. TMP2 is published, and gathers new energy for the movement that we haven't seen since the first book was published. People want to know what they can do. We start bringing the Conclaves together again, and we start building a community.

    The money from the sale of the book is enough to start a small media company, Living Universe Media, which continues to expand the TMP2 website with new graphics and content derived from the Conclaves and interested artists all around the world.

    The money from the book is also used to launch Living Universe Investments, which is a financial institution dedicated to providing the means to fund Aquarius and e…

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