Biography: Different, or as a counselor once said, complicated. My entire life has been a foray into different. I have recently completely claimed my difference and I am building the life I was meant to live.

I have worked in various jobs from factory labor to construction to computer support to retail. I have a fascination with space and space exploration and I always have. Star Trek changed my life by showing me that people can be something greater than ordinary.

I am a polymath.

Why LUF? From my early years I have been an avid promoter of space exploration. I got my early education on Star Trek and continued for years. I first read the Millennium Project in 2004 and have watched the group since then. As I have progressed in my life I decided my abilities might prove valuable and here we are.


A.A.S Computer Information Science, Northeast State Community College, 2003
Enrolled Pellissippi State, 2011, college transfer
Enrolled UT-Knoxville, 2012, Major Aerospace Engineering, Minor Environmental Engineering

Other Competencies: Multiple areas of construction and design. Skilled in woodwork and carpentry. Linux and Open Source software, environmental activism writer for and contributor to TheEnvironmentSite.