The chief activity of colonists in all stages of the LUF vision will be horticulture.  If you want to live like an ocean or space colonist today, start a garden!  Plants will form the basis of the economy providing food and raw materials to used as feedstock in various critical industrial processes.  Very few people in the world make their living as farmers today and the skillset has become lost to the vast majority of the consumers we hope to uplift to a post-industrial lifestyle.

Member Keith J. Dauzat is engaged in gaining Horticultural Literacy and has begun documenting his efforts on I can haz growzing stuffs.  My efforts are centered on laying the foundation for a robust and sustainable Closed Enivironment Life Support System.  The current project aims to integrate production of fruits, vegetables, and animal proteins , and the recycling of the human waste streams that result in a set of simple processes that allow an individual to go from seed to seed and microbe to microbe with the least amount of equipment and time investment possible.  Obviously, hardy and prolific species are favored so as to limit maintenance overhead.