Hello, LUF Members!

This is a call to arms, a call to action, a call to ... whatever you want to call it!

We have invited the Board Members and now are inviting all LUF members to join us for a grand discussion on

 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Easter
 <a href="aim:gochat?roomname=LUF+Chat">aim:gochat?roomname=LUF+Chat</a>

The AIM chat room above can also be found right on the home page of

We will be discussing, among other things: - What is the current state of the LUF: membership, finances, are we even alive? - Which Board positions are up for election? - What do we do for elections in lieu of a physical Conclave? - How can we make us a better organization?

And hopefully what we'll get out of this is how to make our group more active, more successful, and invigorated for the coming year.

The discussion will be moderated by me (Mayhem2000) to keep it timely and topical. So if you want to chat with folks off-topic, please do so in a private window. At the end we'll have a general discussion in which we can all share our experiences, thoughts, concerns, and so on in a more open manner.

If you need AOL Instant Messenger, you can get it free at I realize some people absolutely hate this product, but if you can just bare with us for one chat, it will help us all get aligned. (Or use instead.)

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Ingrid Moon

P.S. We have started an all-active-members emailing list on eGroups.....I recommend you subscribe now to be in the loop on all current things.... It also has a chat room, calendar, and other community features that we can use to manage ourselves better. And don't forget the amazing LUF web site,, which has more info than you can shake a stick-bug at!