Project Name: LUF IT (Living Universe Foundation Information Technology)

Structure: For-Profit company serving both the LUF community (especially CIC-related projects) and anyone else willing to send us money for our services.

Most Pressing Need: Someone to take up the challenge!

Requirements: Funding, marketing, people who can actually do the work.

Baby Steps: I propose that we start the show by purchasing a domain/hosting franchise (my father in law owns such a franchise and makes a little money from it every year) and push that service for the LUF community, as well as for friends and family of LUF members. Franchise fees can run to $200+ a year. To begin this, perhaps the CIC offers a $1000 loan to a member willing to take on this challenge, with 5% interest and a 10% profitsharing of the company that kicks in after the full repayment of the loan. We put a requirement of at least $25 of principal plus compounded interest be repaid every month by electronic debit every month, which would pay the loan off in 40 months. With interest, this would be $29.29 a month. This repayment may be accelerated by the company but ONLY with income from providing IT and web hosting services.

The majority owner of the business must have demonstrable marketable IT skills to serve either the general public or small businesses. The owner must also be willing to market the LUF locally and form a local chapter (if one is already not established). However, it is expected that at the beginning this will be a sideline business, with the owner employed full time elsewhere until revenue can support him or her full time.

A member who takes this on would have to be vetted by a committee of members (call them the ad hoc CIC) established for this purpose, and agree to follow prescribed reporting procedures established by the committee for oversight. The structure of the company must be such that all employees will be directly involved in profit-sharing according to TMP2 principles.

Long term, this company will evolve to handle the IT requirements of LUF institutions, such as financial services, as well as the backbone computer technology of Aquarius projects. This company would not be responsible for research, but rather for applying existing technologies.

Initial Required Funding: $1000

Initial Required LUF Infrastructure: committee of 3-5 willing to provide weekly guidance for 40 months

Initial Required Members to operate: 1