This is a top-level company, separate from the CIC and the LUF as envisioned in TMP2. This proposal strictly follows the guidelines of the principles laid out in TMP2. The role of LUMedia is to be the Disney of the Next Space Age. This will require multichannel distribution, interactive experiences and some good old fashioned publishing.

As a top-level company, it requires no existing infrastructure.

Proposed Structure: Private Corporation, with stock subscription open to LUF members of all classes. The LUF Board would initially appoint the Board of Directors and would thereafter hold the power of appointing two members to the LUMedia Board of Directors.

Initial Subscription: 100 shares at $10 each. All further income should come from developed projects if done properly. Once subscriptions total 50 shares, the company can be incorporated.

Share Allocation: Shares shall be allocated initially to subscribers and thereafter to the LUF and LUInvestments. For every seven shares that are allocated to members, one share shall be allocated to the LUF and two shall be allocated to LUInvestments. After initial subscription and allocation, shares shall be allocated as directed by the Board of Directors of LUMedia as renumeration to content contributors.

Dividends: As income streams develop, LUMedia will pay out 80% of income monthly to shareholders in the form of dividends.

Project Development: The Board of Directors will employ a Chief Executive Officer responsible for developing teams of content providers, both internal and external to the LUF.