This is a master list of members who choose to add themselves to it for the convenience of planning proposals for the organization. This list is organized according to broad competencies and names may appear multiple times. Note that some such as Academia and Licensing will probably include many disciplines-- these catch-all groups will help us understand our access to university research grants and professional guidance respectively.


Art/Graphic DesignEdit

  • Winnie Neely, Tennessee
  • Steve Carr, Georgia

Business ManagementEdit

  • Steve Carr, Georgia

Computer GraphicsEdit


  • Steve Carr, Georgia

Entrepreneurial ServicesEdit

Financial ServicesEdit

Grant WritingEdit

  • Winnie Neely, Tennessee


Professional Licenses/EndorsementsEdit

Laboratory SciencesEdit



Real EstateEdit

Social MediaEdit

Winnie Neely, Tennessee

Systems AdministrationEdit


University StudentsEdit


The Living Universe Foundation is a hotbed of activity, as members tend to bring with them specific passions and interests. Projects rely on the specific skills of members to actually carry out, however. Below is a list of current projects that are "approved and official" (meaning that the Board of Directors has taken action on the proposal) and other projects that are "proposed" (meaning that the participants are seeking approval), "member-driven." (which means it fits somehow into the TMP2 vision but isn't vetted by the Board), or "Under Discussion" which means that the project is being discussed but no formal proposal has been made to either the Board or the general membership. Finally, "Completed Projects" are those that have run their course. Some of these may date back years. Each project is linked to a project page that has an outlined proposal, status and project history. Again, all information given on each project is voluntary. If a specific project catches your eye, feel free to contact the folks who are listed under that project to see what, if any, help is needed. Please note that some projects may be current and active but not at a stage where additional help is required. If you decide to join a project, you can edit your name into the project.

Approved and Official ProjectsEdit

LUF RadioEdit
  • Tom Hanson
  • Eric Hunting

Member Driven ProjectsEdit

Utilihab - Eric HuntingEdit

Critical Literacies Development

Industrial Literacy
Computer Literacy
Mechanical Literacy
Horticultural Literacy - Keith J. Dauzat
Animal Husbandry Literacy - Keith J. Dauzat
Entrepeneurial Literacy

Proposed ProjectsEdit

Projects Under DiscussionEdit

Credit Union

LUF Community Economic Development CommitteeEdit

LUF Investments



Completed ProjectsEdit