LUFoundation is established as an educational organization to spread the word about the 8 point vision. TMP2 is published, and gathers new energy for the movement that we haven't seen since the first book was published. People want to know what they can do. We start bringing the Conclaves together again, and we start building a community.

The money from the sale of the book is enough to start a small media company, Living Universe Media, which continues to expand the TMP2 website with new graphics and content derived from the Conclaves and interested artists all around the world.

The money from the book is also used to launch Living Universe Investments, which is a financial institution dedicated to providing the means to fund Aquarius and expand the New Space movement to the next level. We come up with some new financial products that let people buy shares in the Aquarius Fund, the Bifrost Fund, etc. These funds invest in the technology companies that are in the process of developing the technology to make each step in our vision a reality. They are also dedicated to providing financing to companies and non-profits around the world that are changing our global culture and improving people's lives. The more these Funds and other financial products see success, the more people want to be part of them, leading to the construction of Aquarius in the North Pacific Gyre where the plastic is mined and recycled for reuse and for building additional platforms that go all around the ocean providing fresh water to coastal communities through desalinization and spreading the word and wealth everywhere they go.

The LU Investment Corporation invests in water purification, renewable energy, education and job creation all around the world, building itself into one of the strongest and most well respected organizations the planet has ever known. We fund scientific expeditions to the Moon, the Near Earth Asteroids and Mars, bringing back knowledge and hope. Some of our scientific expeditions transform into long term residences, and the first Avalon station is built on the Moon in the year 2069, my 100th birthday.

The rest is history.

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